Throwleigh Parish


 Tinners Morris is celebrating 10 years - and is looking for new members


 Men! Why not escape from Sunday morning squabbles by getting together with  a few mates for a couple of hours of traditional English festivity.

 Morris dancing is the only aerobic exercise where you are encouraged to drink at  the same time, the only aerobic exercise where you can wear a top hat, and the  only aerobic exercise where you are encouraged to hit your fellow parishioners  with a large stick.

 Beards are not compulsory, neither, actually, is any previous experience or  ability to dance: all you need to know is your right from your left, clockwise  from anti-clockwise, and to be able to count to twelve (more or less). What is  essential is a sense of humour and the ability not to take yourself too  seriously.

 And there's no obligation to come every week or even to dance in public if you  prefer doing it for your own amusement in private....

 It all happens in South Zeal  Victory Hall.

 Sunday mornings, 10.30-12.30, and afterwards at the King's Arms.

 Programme of events and more news: Tinners Morris Website

 Contact Ian Crawford on 01837 849027 or 07973 442809


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