Throwleigh Parish

St Mary the Virgin Church

Throwleigh is a parish of about 300 people on the north-eastern fringes of Dartmoor, approximately three miles from Chagford and six from Okehampton.

The granite church and its Church House (now privately owned) form the centrepiece of `Throwleigh Village’, although the parish extends almost to Chagford.

Throwleigh is now one of the Whiddon Parishes in the care of the Rector in Chagford.

For many centuries the church has been dedicated to St Mary the Virgin, although the annual Revel at Whitsun suggests an earlier, or possibly additional, dedication to the Holy Spirit.

The Revel was certainly active in the 18th century, and the brutal wrestling matches in the field next to the church,

which were the main attraction, survived into the early 20th century.

The first recorded rector was in 1248, but most of the present church dates from

the 15th and 16th centuries.

The south-west end of the nave, between the porch and the vestry, is built of granite rubble, and may be a remnant of an earlier church; the rest of the church is constructed of large coursed blocks of granite.

There was some restoration in the 19th century, and more work was carried out under the direction of Herbert Read from around 1945.

This description comes from  the “Church of St Mary the Virgin, Throwleigh”.  A guide written by

Michael Paget.

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